DMR radio basics: DMR IDs and "metadata" (myth)

What is a radio/DMR ID?

A DMR ID is a number that you assign to your radio which can be used to delineate on radio from another. This can be useful to take advantage of certain DMR features such as direct private calling or text messaging.

Will my DMR ID compromise my identity or other sensitive information?

No, so long as you have not registered your DMR ID with a database. This is a common misconception that likely stems from the HAM practice of registering DMR IDs with DMR ham radio databases. In the HAM world users often register their DMR ids with online databases so that other hams can identify them (by name, location, and/or location). However, there is no need to register a DMR ID. Using your programing software you can simply pick any number between 1 and 16776451. Most DMR radios come with a default ID of 1.

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