Radio Review | Hytera PD482i

Hytera PD482i

The PD482i puts commercial and tactical functionality in rugged, durable and mid-tier handheld. Like our other DMR handhelds the PD482i is a 5w DMR & analog handheld available in UHF or VHF.

The full keypad on the PD482i increases the handhelds functionality allowing operators more flexibility in the field:

  • Cable of sending 64 character pre-programmable text messages
  • Front panel programming (FPP). 

FPP allows for channels and frequencies to be edited and added to your handheld in the field without the need for a computer and programming software. FPP is an essential feature for emergency preparedness.

The PD482i offers an encryption upgrade to Hytera's proprietary DRMA ARC4 encryption*. 

Best for: Tactical comms, prepping radio, security radio, encrypted radio, encrypted communication, front panel programming, emergency preparedness, SHTF

*AES256 encryption is not available on the PD482i. If you're looking for AES256 encryption consider the H series from Hytera and the MDP6000 from Maxon

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