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Don't see what you need? Contact us for unlisted radios and accessories.
Don't see what you need? Contact us for unlisted radios and accessories.
Radio Review | Maxon MDP-6000

Radio Review | Maxon MDP-6000

Maxon MDP-6000

Our most popular radio, the Maxon MDP-6000 is a compact, rugged handheld that delivers tactical performance. The MDP is a digital and analog and puts out 5W of TX power for both VHF and UHF models.

The MDP-6000 is the only handheld that Rangeland offers with Motorola compatible AES256 included in the price.

The enhanced level of security makes the MDP a great radio to outfit your group with secure reliable comms for planned and unplanned operations. The MDP has proven to be a reliable handheld for both large corporate security customers and our individual and small group customers.

The MDP-6000s durability is shown in its IP67 rated build quality - water resistant and dust-proof. 

Pros  Cons
Motorola compatible AES 256 Encryption Included

Motorola 2 pin connector limits accessory compatibility

Lowest cost DMR option

No keypad and limited screen

Compact size - ideal for kits and bags

Lower water resistance (IP67 vs IP68 rating)


Some accessories we recommend for the MDP-6000 are:

Best for: Tactical comms, prepping radio, security radio, encrypted radio, encrypted communication, AES256

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